Silica Awareness

Course Structure

This short course is designed to increase your knowledge in Silica dust; the risks associated, how to identify the material and how to implement control measures.
The main risk associated to Silica arises by the inhaling dust containing crystalline silica. This can be avoided by wearing appropriate PPE and through general exposure awareness but in many cases, exposure is also unavoidable so knowledge is paramount.

This Short Course is necessary for a various construction trades and services including;

  • Sandblasters and Stone Masons
  • Tilers
  • Rock Drillers and Miners
  • Concreters
  • Tradesmen using pavers and fibre cement sheeting
What You Will Learn
  • What is Silica? Where is it found?
  • What are the health effects?
  • What construction tasks performed can result in exposure
  • Identifying the hazards associated and the appropriate control measures
  • Risk Management and Processes

Fresh Start Educations’ Silica Awareness Short Course is a non-accredited course based on current industry standards, knowledge, regulations and expectation. The knowledge attained from this short course is extremely advantageous. Once completed you will receive your Certificate of Completion via email instantly!

DURATION: 60-90 minutes
COST: $69.00
LOCATION: 100% online for your convenience!