BSBESB402 Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements of New Business Ventures

Course Structure

This is a Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency and is required as a pre-requisite for the application of a Building and Construction Trade Contractor Licences (including an Electrical Trade Contractor Licence) in each State of Australia (excluding NSW). It is used as evidence to the Governing body that you obtain the business skills and knowledge required to be a licenced subcontractor

NOTE: Whilst this qualification does meet certain licensing registration requirements, it is imperative that you speak with our Industry Experts or check with the relevant authority before enrolling as the completion of this qualification does not guarantee a licenced outcome..

Delivery Method

This Unit of Competency is delivered Via Correspondence / At home assessment (with the ability to contact your Trainer & Assessor via phone or email for tutoring, assistance and questions)

  • Face-to-Face / Classroom Assessment Session
  • Online Delivery

Upon completion of BSBESB402, you will learn and gain an understanding of;

  • Business Legal Requirements in Industry
  • How to Identify a Business Related Risks
  • How to Treat Business Related Risks
  • How to Terminate a Legal Contract
  • Applying Risk Management Practices
  • Understand Legal Rights and Obligations
  • The Legislation, Codes and Regulatory Requirements Within Industry
  • How to Comply With Regulations Affecting Businesses
  • How to Negotiate and Organise Contracts
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Understand Cultural Differences and Legal Implications
  • Understand How to Keep Track of Minimum Legal and Taxation Requirements

DURATION: 5 to 6 hours or Self-Paced via correspondence
COST: $400