Where applicable, Fresh Start Education provides individualised and innovative training and assessment which incorporates the potential for advanced standing upon evidence of a students’ relevant prior learning.
What is RPL?
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process where you can use your existing knowledge, skills and experiences gained through life experiences and/or other employment to demonstrate your competency. RPL is an assessment process only and no training is provided.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure each student’s evidence of prior learning is systemically assessed for recognition purposes in alignment with the rules of evidence as determined by the Vocational Education Training (VET) industry regulatory body, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

How Are My Skills Assessed?

You will be required to collate and coordinate evidence to show you have sufficient, valid and current knowledge and skills equivalent to the qualification you are enrolled in. Your skills will be assessed against industry standards. This will be carried out by a Fresh Start Education Trainer & Assessor.
You May Be Asked To:
  • Perform tasks or jobs
  • Talk about and explain how you undertake those jobs
  • Provide samples of your work
  • Provide transcripts of qualifications completed
A Fresh Start Education Trainer & Assessor will visit your workplace where you can demonstrate your skills and abilities. In addition, you will be asked to provide an outline of your previous work history and provide references.

You will be requested to collate evidence to demonstrate your current knowledge, skills and experience that are relevant to the qualification you are seeking. Once the evidence has been collated and submitted, a Fresh Start Education Trainer & Assessor will review the evidence and map against the qualification’s performance criteria

Expectations During RPL Process:
  • Provide details about how current and previous employment, training and other learning relates to the unit requirements
  • Complete a Self-Evaluation Questionnaire and engage in a Record of Conversation with your Fresh Start Education Trainer & Assessor noting any knowledge and skills you possess against the unit criteria, and provide evidence of the completion of those competencies
  • Complete workplace tasks as requested by your Fresh Start Education Trainer & Assessor
  • Provide validation from a supervisor about typical workplace performance.
What Can I RPL?
Each student has different knowledge and skills. Therefore, if you think you can RPL you should:
  1. Refer to the specific Course Brochure and review the units of competency
  2. Go to www.training.gov.au and enter the unit of competency code in the Search for Nationally Recognised Training Components section
  3. Read the Skills and Knowledge required to achieve competency in that unit of competency. If you believe you already have the skills and knowledge please speak with your Fresh Start Education Trainer & Assessor. Should any gaps be identified,
    Please be aware that additional training will be required to complete all aspects of the unit of competency.
Work Requirements for RPL?
It is highly recommended to be currently employed in a position that allows you to demonstrate the skills required for the unit of competency and/or qualification that you wish to undertake. Thus, enabling your Fresh Start Education Trainer & Assessor to observe you fulfilling the requirements of the units of competency in order to assess your competence. You will also need a Third-Party Supervisor that has been working with/observed you for a minimum of two (2) years to further substantiate your request for RPL.